Shaka nyorai

The first to seek enlightenment and change the world forever

Shaka is the hero inspired by Shaka Nyorai (Shakyamuni). He has the following powers!

He is a wise and peaceful teacher who lived a simple life and taught people how to end suffering. His teachings encourage people to be kind and compassionate, to seek truth, and to let go of their attachments. Shaka’s example inspires people to find their own inner peace and wisdom. He is a great role model for anyone who wants to live a good and meaningful life.

He has a sacred spiral at the center of his forehead that emits a glow. He wears simple robes and is often depicted in a seated position with his right hand raised and facing outwards, and his left hand resting on his lap.

Occasionally, he may also be shown standing. Two Bosatsu, Monju, and Fugen, may appear on either side of him. It’s called “Shaka Triad“.

Let’s go see this hero!

There are several places where these heroes can be seen, but the following locations are recommended!

Kennin-ji Temple

  • Name
    • 建仁寺(けんにんじ)
    • Kennin-ji Temple
  • Address
    • Kyoto
    • Kennin-ji Temple, 584番地 Komatsuchō, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Japan

Saidai-ji Temple

  • Name
    • 西大寺(さいだいじ)
    • Saidai-ji Temple
  • Address
    • Nara
    • Saidai-ji, 1 Chome-1-5 西大寺芝町 Nara, Japan

Sennyuji Temple

  • Name
    • 泉涌寺(せんにゅうじ)
    • Sennyuji Temple
  • Address
    • Kyoto
    • Sennyuji Temple, 27 Sennyūji Yamanouchichō, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Japan

Plotted are the best places for sightseeing!