Amida nyorai

The ultimate salvation, his light purifying even the most sinful souls.

Amida is the hero inspired by Amida Nyorai (Amitabha). He has the following powers!

Amida is a compassionate Buddha who radiates infinite light and guides people to Pure Land, where they can attain enlightenment and be free from suffering. He is suitable for those who seek comfort and relief from the difficulties of life and wish to attain inner peace and enlightenment.

Some depictions show him with long, curly hair resembling an afro due to his focus on saving people.

Additionally, he has a sacred spiral on his forehead that emits holy light. He wears simple robes and can be seen sitting or standing. Sometimes he is flanked by Sei-shi and Jizai. It’s called “Amida Triad

Let’s go see this hero!

There are several places where these heroes can be seen, but the following locations are recommended!

Higashi Hongan-ji Temple

  • Name
    • 東本願寺(ひがしほんがんじ)
    • Higashi Hongan-ji
  • Address
    • Kyoto
    • Higashi Hongan-ji, Tokiwachō, Shimogyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan

Eikan-dō (Zenrin-ji) Temple

  • Name
    • 禅林寺永観堂(ぜんりんじえいかんどう)
    • Eikan-dō (Zenrin-ji) Temple
  • Address
    • Kyoto
    • Eikan-dō (Zenrin-ji) Temple, 48 Eikandōchō, Sakyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan


  • Name
    • 知恩院(ちおんいん)
    • Chion-in
  • Address
    • Kyoto
    • Chion-in, 400 Rinkachō, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, Japan

Plotted are the best places for sightseeing!