Birushana nyorai

Eternal protector with a body as strong as the sun.

Birusha is the hero inspired by Birushana Buddha (Rushana). He has the following powers!

He has a sacred power to dispel darkness and is a huge and powerful presence that protects people and gives peace to their hearts. Also, he has numerous Buddhas on his halo, making him a compassionate being who embraces many people. This Buddha is suitable for a wide range of people as a reliable source of support in difficult times.

A spiral of hair that emits holy light on the forehead, simple clothing, a seated position, enormous size, and a halo surrounded by numerous small Buddhas.

Let’s go see this hero!

There are several places where these heroes can be seen, but the following locations are recommended!


  • Name
    • 東大寺(とうだいじ)
    • Tōdai-ji
  • Address
    • Nara
    • Tōdai-ji, 406-1 Zōshichō, Nara, Japan

Tōshōdai-ji Temple

  • Name
    • 唐招提寺(とうしょうだいじ)
    • Tōshōdai-ji Temple
  • Address
    • Nara
    • Tōshōdai-ji Temple, 13-46 Gojōchō, Nara, Japan

Gonjo-ji Temple

  • Name
    • 欣浄寺(ごんじょうじ)
    • Gonjo-ji Temple
  • Address
    • Kyoto
    • 1038 Nishimasuyacho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto, Kyoto 612-0052

Plotted are the best places for sightseeing!