ABT Buddha World

Let’s have a basic understanding to enjoy the world of Buddha!

Take it easy!

The world of Buddha is divided into four groups.

There are four groups of Buddhas: Nyorai, Bosatsu, Myoo, and Tenbu.

4 group

Nyorai is the group who have reached enlightenment, Bosatsu is the group who seek enlightenment and help people, Myoo is the group who punishes those who do not follow Buddha’s teachings, and Tenbu is the group of gods who protect Buddha and his teachings, and bring benefits to people in this world.

Find the right Buddha for you!

The Buddhas have some fascinating features!

For example, there are Buddhas with powers that match what you desire, like good health, achieving goals, or love, etc.

Let’s tap the keywords you are interested in from below!

Fulfill all wishes Health and long life Initiative and action Knowledge and wisdom Love and luck Overcoming desires Rich and wealth Safe childbirth & child-rearing

Also, you know, There are Buddhas that are perfect for you based on your birthdate! They can provide just the right support.

They are all so special and have their own amazing qualities! Wow!

Where did the Buddha statues come from?

Did you know that 500 years after Buddha’s passing, they started creating Buddha statues?!

These statues were made in India and then spread to China and the Korean Peninsula before finally arriving in Japan! It’s incredible how they traveled across countries and cultures! And you know what?

These statues are made from different materials like wood and iron. Some statues are standing, while others are seated. How fascinating!

When you see the Buddha statues, watch them with this site and enjoy!