What are Buddha Heroes?

Hello! My name is Mikey from Japan!

I created this website in Japan with the goal of introducing the appeal of Buddhism and Buddhist statues to foreign tourists, especially children, who visit Japan.

I live in Nara and Kyoto, which have many historic buildings. I often see families from overseas visiting temples and shrines.

Are you having fun?

However, I wonder if children find Buddhist statues and historic buildings interesting or not.

When I was a child, even though my parents showed me historic buildings and sculptures, I didn’t find them interesting at all. But in fact, the world of Buddhist statues has settings similar to anime and heroes, which are very interesting!

On this website, I introduce the fun of Buddhist statues. By doing so, boring times will decrease, and tourism will become more enjoyable.

The content on this website about Buddhism and Buddhist statues may not be entirely accurate. However, I have summarized it simply so that children and foreign tourists who are not familiar with Japan can enjoy it.

Cool AI Illustrations

I use an AI service called “Midjourney” to draw illustrations that depict the world of Buddhist statues in a futuristic SF style.

I hope you enjoy it!

Religion varies from country to country, and it is not necessary to like Buddhism or Buddhist statues. However, if you are going to visit Japan, I would be happy if you could incorporate it as entertainment that you can enjoy. I hope that this website will be a fun site for tourists visiting Japan, children interested in Japanese culture, and people who do not know much about Japan!

Have a nice day!