Gundari myoo

Harnessing the energy of serpents, he destroys negativity and brings peace.

Gunda is the hero inspired by Gundari-Myoo(Kuṇḍali, 軍荼利明王). He has the following powers!

He is suitable for people who are strong, brave, and good at protecting themselves from bad things. He can control his own anger and use snakes to defeat evil forces. In addition, his distinctive appearance suggests that he has his own unique way of expressing himself. He encourages people to have confidence in themselves and take action to shape their own destinies.

Also, He/She is one of the Five Great Myoo.

Gundari Myoo is a fierce and powerful Buddhist figure who is depicted with snakes coiled around his neck, arms, and legs. His expression is one of anger, and his hair stands on end. He is often shown with one hand raised in a unique pose that crosses over his chest and rests against his heart. He has one face with three eyes and eight arms.

It protects the south side of the Buddha’s world, centering on the Fudo.

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