The Enlightened Guardian with the All-Seeing Eye!

Fukuu is the hero inspired by Fukuukensaku Kannon. He has the following powers!

He is perfect for those who never give up and always persevere. With the ability to see through obstacles and the unwavering resolve to continue, he provides constant support and guidance. He motivates us to stay strong, conquer challenges, and maintain hope. In any difficult situation, the Unbreakable Guardian will be there, leading us towards triumph.

Having a powerful third eye on the forehead, this being possesses the ability to perceive beyond illusions, unswayed by one’s own thoughts. Adorned in a deerskin garment and adorned with eight arms, each grasping different objects like a sword, lotus flower, and lasso. However, it is a rarity to encounter this Bodhisattva in visible form.

Let’s go see this hero!

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