daiitoku myoo

Riding the Buffalo to Slay Demons!, Brave Warrior Fighting off Malevolent Forces!

Dai-itoku is the hero inspired by Daiitoku Myoo(Yamantaka,大威徳明王). He has the following powers!

Dai-itoku is like a brave and powerful hero who overcomes any obstacle and protects people. He rides on a free-spirited buffalo and is perfect for adventurous and challenging individuals.

Also, He/She is one of the Five Great Myoo.

Riding on a water buffalo, the deity has a unique style of raising the index and middle fingers of both hands together, while also having a third eye on their forehead. They may also carry weapons such as swords or spears. Dai-itoku is often associated with Fudo and is a guardian deity of the West.

Let’s go see this hero!

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