Find happiness and let luck and success be your companions!

Kissho is the hero inspired by Kissho-ten. She has the following powers!

Kissho is ideal for those who seek beauty, happiness, and financial abundance. She brings blessings of prosperity and good luck, helping individuals attain a life filled with joy and material wealth. By following her teachings and embracing her presence, people can unlock the doors to a world of beauty, happiness, and economic prosperity.

She is depicted as a beautiful Asian goddess with long, flowing hair and captivating eyes. Her elegant presence is adorned in exquisite attire, reflecting her noble nature. She holds a precious jewel, symbolizing wealth and fortune. She represents beauty and happiness, blessing people with good luck. Her captivating eyes, flowing hair, and regal clothing embody her graceful charm. With the jewel in her hand, she symbolizes abundance and riches.

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